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ST1: Name
ST1: Villian
ST1: What rank is James T Kirk?
ST1: Who commands Enterprise?
ST1: What is the Starfleet outpost called?
ST2: Name
ST2: Villian
ST2: Who commands Enterprise?
ST2: What test does Saavik fail?
ST2: What device was created by David and Carol Marcus?
ST3: Name
ST3: Villian
ST3: Who is reborn on the Genesis planet?
ST3: Who do the Klingons kill?
ST3: What Starfleet vessel does Kirk steal
ST4: Name
ST4: Villian
ST4: What is the name Mccoy gives the captured Bird-of-Prey?
ST4: What do Kirk and co plan to do to save Earth?
ST4: What is Kirk's 'Punnishment?'
ST5: Name
ST5: Villian
ST5: Who is supposed to be on leave with Uhura
ST5: What new ship do Kirk and co have?
ST5: What does Kirk ask god?
ST6: Name
ST6: Villian
ST6: Which Klingon moon explodes?
ST6: Who are Kirk and McCoy accused of killing?
ST6: What ship does Sulu now command?
ST7: Name
ST7: Villian
ST7: What is the energy ribbon called?
ST7: Who does Picard find to help him fight Soran?
ST7: What happens to the Enterprise D?
ST8: Name
ST8: Villian
ST8: What ship is 'Adrift, but salvagable?'
ST8: What do the Borg try to build on the Enterprise's deflector dish?
ST8: Who finds a substitute for a plasma conduit on the Phoenix
ST9: Name
ST9: Villian
ST9: Which Starfleet admiral is breaking the prime directive?
ST9: Where is the Ba'ku planet located
ST9: What kind of weaponary do the So'na use
ST10: Name
ST10: Villian
ST10: What does Shinzon use to assasinate the Romulan Senate
ST10: What is the name of Shinzon's ship
ST10: Who helps the Enterprise in battle?
ST11: Name
ST11: Villian
ST11: What is Kirk eating during the Kobayashi Maru test
ST11: Which ship is Uhura initialy assigned to?
ST11: What is the only home Spock has left?
ST12: Name
ST12: Villian
ST12: What natural disaster threatens the planet Niribu?
ST12: What is Khan's false name?
ST12: Where does Khan hide
Other: Which 2 Characters sacrificed themselves for their crewmates
Other: How many Enterprises were destroyed during the 12 movies
Other: Which Enterprises did not Appear in the movies?
Other: What simmilar toasts do Picard and Kirk make in Nemesis and the Search for Spock?
Other: Who is at the helm of both Enterprise D and E when they are crashed?

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