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USS Enterprise: Captain
USS Enterprise: First officer
USS Enterprise: Second officer/opps
USS Enterprise: Counsellor
USS Enterprise: Doctor
USS Enterprise: Security officer
Evil Clone of Picard
What does Picard jokingly call Riker?
Who sacrifices themselves at the end?
The reman weapon uses _____ radiation
What battle group is the Enterprise part of
Who shows up to help the Enterprise
What is Shinzon's ship called
The Scimitar has _____ photon torpedo banks
The Scimitar has _____ disruptor banks
What weapon does Data use to destroy the Scimitar?
What does Shinzon need to live
What has picard been waiting for 15 years to say?
What drink to La forge and Worf agree should be illegal
What does B4 ask Picard
What does shinzon say reflects our lives
What was Data's last word?
What song did Data sing at the wedding
How many quantum torpedoes does it take to disable the scimitars cloak?
How does the enterprise disable the scimitar

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