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QUIZ: Can you name the Star Trek Insurrection?

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USS Enterprise: Captain
USS Enterprise: First officer
USS Enterprise: chief engineer
USS Enterprise: security officer
USS Enterprise: second officer/ops
Where is the Ba'ku planet located?
What starfleet admiral is involved?
Which starfleet directive is being broken?
Who was covertly observing the Ba'ku?
Who leads the resistance team
Who takes the Enterprise to contact the federation council
Who tries to stop the Enterprise
What gas does the Enterprise use in battle
What is this maneuver nicknamed
What is the goal of the admiral's mission
Who does Picard fall in love with
What ability does the above person have?
What do the So'na want to do with the Ba'ku?
How does the resistance team stop the So'na's plan?
how do the So'na get around this problem
When Picard is captured, what is his plan
Who does he transport to the federation holo ship?
Who tries to stop Picard
How does Picard escape
How many days of leave does Picard have saved up?

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