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'I have and always shall be your ____' -Spock
'Excuse me, but what does ____ need with a starship?' -Kirk
'I cannot ____ the laws of Physics' -Scotty
'Set a ____, for home' -Janeway
'I am ____, of borg' -Picard, as ____ of borg
'This is an official ships function. Dont make me order you to ____ commander' -Janeway, to Tuvok
'____ it so' -Picard
'N-C-C-1-7-0-1, __ bloody A, B, C or D' -Scotty
'Congratulations, Mr. La Forge, you've ____ the baby' -Picard
'If all of your little advertisements are not gone by the time I return form Bajor, I will come to quarks, and believe me, I will have ___' -Kira
'Come to Quark's, Quarks is fun, Dont walk, ___' -Quark
'Whats a knockout like you doing in a computer _____ gin joint like this?' -Riker
'____, Black' -Janeway
'Please state the ____ of the medical emergency' -theDoctor

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