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German VerbPast ParticipleMeaning
wissento know
lügento lie
brechento break
schreibento write
beginnento begin
nehmento take
scheidento leave
trinkento drink
findento find
denkento think
schließento close
sehento see
verlierento lose
leidento suffer
gewinnento win
genießento enjoy
seinto be
habento have
sterbento die
bleibento stay/remain
fliegento fly
gehento go (foot)
kommento come
schwimmento swim
fahrento go (vehicle)
könnento be able
müssento have to
dürfento be allowed
mögento like to
sollenought to
German VerbPast ParticipleMeaning
wollento want to
machento make
sagento say
gebento give
tunto do
glaubento believe
stehento stand
heißento be called
lassento leave/allow
werdento become
besuchento visit
antwortento answer
arbeitento work
bedeutento mean
bestellento order
bezahlento pay
dankento thank
fragento ask
kaufento buy
reisento travel
lesento travel
schlafento sleep
öffnento open
setzento set (down)
sitzento sit
suchento seek
vergessento forget
wartento wait
wohnento live
zeigento show/indicate

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