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Can you name the answer with one of the states names in it?

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A #1 hit song by Arrested DevelopmentA GAME OF HORSESHOES
A popular size of large bed.It is fit for a king
1978 Musical inspired by the real-life Chicken RanchI don't think thats legal
1988 movie starring Gene Hackman (FBI vs KKK)One hot movie
Amaretto,Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, OJ, Sweet & Sour MixSmashing
Offically begins in Independence Missouri, ends at the Columbia RiverThink Wagons west
Break-through role was in 2001 in 'I Am Sam'I prefered 'Man on Fire' (no north or south, sorry)
Uses 11 secret herbs and spicesCome on Colonel
Our (the USA's) capitals oldest paperHas nothing to do with fences
Writer, born Adeline -------- StephenI wonder if she knows her name is spelled wrong
Fruit flavored soft drinkI'd rather go to Hawaii
6th longest river in the U.S.What did tennessee, the same thing _________
Raised mainly for meat, eggs and showThe Ocean states' state bird
It craved the Grand CanyonBut it wasn't rapid
Small lizard found in the southwestThe land where they live is truly enchanting
Professional basketball team, originally from New OrleansLouis Armstrong also came from New Orleans
Restaurant known for serving BuffaloBe Brave, try it
It is a GREAT body of waterThe only one entirely in the US, just so you know
Company known for specialized stuffed animalsJust don't stuff yourself with Ben and Jerry's
A type of domestic catI thought they only had lobsters
Museum opened in 1990 in BlackfootThier exhibits are real gems
Agreement passed by congress in 1820 between pro-slavery and anti-slavery faction.Show me the agreement
Second album released by SlipknotI wonder if B.J. Hunnicut listened to Slipknot
Reported to be the 'missing link' at one pointIf this is a hoax, thats just cold
HintAnswerThis might help
Race held early every april at Hawthorne Race CourseHas nothing to do with the city in England
Area in the west where planes vanishI'd rather get lost in Bermuda I think
Rodent found in the Brooks Rangetomram a si tahw
Tv show from 1968-1980 (police drama)Book'em Danno
Annual extreme music festival, features mostly death metal groupsSounds life a once a lifetime experience
Extremely rare amphibian found only in Mortenson Lake National Wildlife RefugeI wouldn't suggest kissing one
Springsteen's 6th album (1982)Was there a picture of corn on the cover
Part of the Horlick Mountains in AntarcticaIf you take a picture don't forget to say cheese
The greatest archaeologist everI HATE SNAKES
Cost us a mere $15 million in 1803What a bargain just $68 million Francs
In 1889 the government said, go stake your claimYou'll get it sooner or later
1923 Pulitzer prize winning poems by Robert FrostLately it seems everyone takes me for granite
The Largest mutual life insurance company in the USShouldn't it really be called death insurance
Best way to get from Carneys Point to Ridgefield ParkWas that my exit?
This is celebrated every June 20thbut only by about 1.8 million people
State Tree (Aesculus Glabra)round on both ends and hi in the middle
These islands extend from south of Miami to the dry Tortugas.They don't really open anything
The worlds largest aquariumI hear its a real peach
Maybe Washington DC's most famous streetI eat at 1600 all the time
Oldest building on Yale's campusDidn't Anthony Michael whathisname go to yale
Formation within the Continental ArmyIt could hold the enemy at bay
Sang 'Dust in the Wind'I don't think they sang any songs about sunflowers
1987 Coen brothers film starring Nicolas CageI bet you could fill a canyon with the money those coen brothers have made
1993 Shaggy hit (remix)Oh sorry, again no north or south.

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