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AAccording to Jon, who is the conqueror of Rogaine?
BThe best worst movie ever.
CJon played a few games during the summer that are themed around this state.
DTopic of Jon's first game review.
EA noise often associated with Jon.
FThe worst animated film in existence.
GThe online show that Jon used to be a member of.
HThese games just keep ending up at Jon's house when he's sleeping, man.
I*A game based off of something terrible, and from the 90's, and starring Tim Allen. (second word in title)
JJon's pet that appears in most of his videos.
KThis guy is looks more like a mailman rather than what his game says he is.
LThe Castlevania game Jon played in his second game review.
MA game show host created by Jon.
NWebsite that Jon is part of with other YouTubers such as PBG, ProJared, and DYKGaming.
OA boy is captured and will likely be found dead in the coming weeks, and all you got is '_____'. (Home Alone)
POne of the mini-games in 4in1 on the NES in Jon's bootleg Pokemon video.
QThis punctuation is used in the title of Jon's game reviews where he sounds really drunk. (Nimbus, Sonic Colors, Donkey Kong Country Returns...)
RWhen Jacques tries to call Jon to work on a video, who is Jon hanging out with?
SOne of Jon's birds that only showed up in one video.
TWho's challenge was Jon able to beat?
UAt the end of Jon's Firework cover, death comes to who?
VArin 'Egoraptor' Hanson played this character in the Gaming Game Show video.
WIn DinoCity, when Forry says, 'Dont't worry anymore!', Jon replies with, 'Oh, don't worry, Forry. I _____.'
X*Jon destroyed this SNES game, despite it beeing his neighbor's. (letter is in the title of the game)
YOne of the names given to a contestant in the Gaming Game Show video.
ZHARD: Who is the character in the last gaming image at the end of Jon's intro trying to rescue?

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