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Can you find the Game Grumps related words starting with each letter of the alphabet?

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AHey, he's Grump.
BThe maiden name of the wife of one of the Grumps.
CThe name of the Grumps' Slakoth from Pokemon Emerald.
DThe second 'Not So Grump'.
EThe famous noise of the first 'Not So Grump'.
FThe third Pokemon game played by the Grumps.
GOne of Silver the Hedgehog's most famous quotes to the Grumps.
HA very sad Japanese businessman created by the Grumps.
IAnother one of Silver's most famous quotes to the Grumps.
JThe first 'Not So Grump'.
KThe last name of the Game Grumps editor.
LThe series that contained games with the characters Groomp, Buttlet, and Spiarmf.
MThe name given to the partner from Out of this World by the Grumps.
NThe main music composer for Game Grumps' band.
OTitle of the first 'Not So Grump's' last video.
PThe large gaming hub channel that Game Grumps is connected to.
Q*Steam Train played two games in this series. (second word in series title)
RA musician created by the Game Grumps that says negativity of people from different cultures.
SThe band created by two of the Grump members.
TA term often used to describe movies and Grade A meat.
UThe game where one of the Grumps got their child-like love for games back.
VX Up! Square Right! Left Triangle Down!
X*Third word in the title of the favorite game of one of the Grumps.
YThe game where one of the Grumps learned you can 'tongue up'.
ZThis big character commonly chosen in Gundam.

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