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AFill in the blank: 'He's the angry Nintendo nerd! He's the angry _____ ____ nerd!'
BThe AVGN of board games.
CWhen AVGN says 'crank up the diarrhea dial', it usually means the next game will be on this console.
DThis is AVGN's most known and hated NES game.
EThis is the game that will be the main topic of AVGN's movie.
FThis is AVGN's most known game designer and is even featured as the final boss for the AVGN Adventures game.
GWhat game did this quote come from? 'Conglaturation!!! You have completed a great game.'
HAVGN's cartridge of this game had just a piece of tape with the title written on it in orange marker.
IThis guy is the most famous AVGN rip-off.
JThe Angry Video Game Nerd's real name.
KWho sang the AVGN intro?
LWhat game did this quote come from? 'Thank you for your coming!'
MWho is James's friend that plays games with him every Monday.
NThis is one of the few episodes to not feature any games.
OThis episode featured the appearance of the Nerdy Turd.
PThis episode had the most consoles appear in the video than any other one.
Q*This game series had contest in which players could win $50,000 worth of treasures. (letter appears in title)
RThis was the main topic for AVGN's 100th episode.
SThis Castlevania game is the topic of AVGN's first episode.
TAVGN can usually never land the plane in this game... unless he uses the power glove.
UFill in the blank: 'Remember when the Nintendo 64 was called the Nintendo _____ __?'
VThis console got its own review and was also copied by Tiger's R-Zone.
WFill in the blank: '64 bits, 32 bits, 16 bits, 8 bits, 4 bits, 2 bits, 1 bit, half bit, quarter bit, the _____ ____!!'
XFill in the blank: 'That sounds about right. It's an _-___ barbeque, burgers and beer.'
YIn his Big Rigs episode, what game quote did AVGN react to, but later said wasn't actually in his copy of the game.
ZName 1 of the 2 CD-i games AVGN reviewed that start with 'Z'.

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