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Can you name the Generation 6 Pokemon with the given clues?

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Present tense of 'dug' + ERS + B
The 'juice' used in pens + A
The clawed foot of a bird + a small fire
An animal similar to a toad + a word similar to 'um' + the type of animal that has the names 'fawn' and 'buck' for genders
Santa's helper spelled backwards + (you normally scratch an ____ - I) + (a slang term for jewelry like large gold necklaces - B)
A popular brand of computers that come with Windows + a common internet browser: Fire___
An object used to cool off rooms using wind + (the name of what's left of a tree after it's cut down - S)
The leader of a tyranny + a liquor associated with pirates
An old common sports song: '____ Up the Jam' + the noise a crow makes + the noise a ghost makes
(The object that sunk the Titanic - the solid form of water) + (an insect known for chewing wood - TER)
What you are doing to your words when you speak as if there aren't spaces + a popular marshmallow brand: 'Jet ____ed'
Opposite of 'fix' + (present tense of 'sent' - D)
The term for a spiral shape + (plural of small branches - ST)
The term for changing the audio in a movie to be more recognizable, often in foreign films + past tense of 'laying'
The common term for a slimy substance + opposite of 'you'
(What Link opens in his games - T) + an item used to stick papers to a bulletin board
(Opposite of 'raised' - T) + (the stage that comes before child - Y) + A
A hairstyle that involves wrapping your hair in a ball + L + B
The back of your foot + E + (opposite of 'young' - D) + (the second word in CD - D)
(A place that holds animals for entertainment - OO) + I + the term for someone who monitors places: security _____
The noise a cat makes + a small branch
Expel large quantities of something rapidly and forcibly + (an item often used for frying - N)
(The hairstyle often associated with 'disco' - A) + an item used to unlock locks
The two letters usually used to show laughter + another name for 'bathroom' + (an item used for writing on sidewalks and driveways - LK)
Another word for 'scent' + another word for making fun of someone
The name for a feather pen + AH + (another word for 'supper' - ER)
A popular Domino's Pizza game: 'Yo! ____' - D) + a flying nocturnal mammal
Opposite of 'stop' + a farm animal that can sometimes make sounds like human screams
The back of your foot + E + (the main leader of the Catholic religion - first P) + a flooring common in kitchens and bathrooms
S + the noise a cat makes when it's comfortable or happy
(An object that usually surrounds a house's yard - CE) + EH + another name for family members
(An issue someone's lip develops incorrectly, opening up towards their nostril - T) + an item used to unlocking locks
(Another name for 'basement' - N) + Another name for 'basement' + A
Past tense of 'to light' + famous fighting actor: Bruce ___ + O
(A clear lemon lime soda - E) + Z
The technical term for the 'Northern Lights': ______ Borealis - last A) + another word for 'we'
(What Link opens in his games - T) + the cutoff word in aren't, don't, & haven't
(A similar way to say 'by way/means of' - A) + (A similar way to say 'by way/means of' - A) + the ranch in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: ___ ___ Ranch
A math term as well as a dessert + the common loud animal call
A part of a restaurant that serves alcoholic drinks + the human noise associated with the cold + AH + a street that ends in a circle: ___ de sac
An item often used for frying food + Captain Falcon's common enemy from F-Zero: Samurai _____
(The 4th color of the rainbow - EN) + a type of warrior known for being very stealthy
(The abbreviation for Tyrannosaurus spelled backwards - T) + the area on your leg that contains a 'cap' + another word for 'we'
An area on a window that sticks out + V + opposite of 'off'
A piece of clothing usually worn with suits + the smallest animal born in a group
(Opposite of 'land' - Y) + first word in the non abbreviated version of 'aren't' + (another word for 'seaweed' - K)
The name for the hairs on an animal + (opposite of 'smile' - N)
(What you normally do after a performance - AP) + the term for a space shuttle taking off + ER
(The opposite of 'me' - OU) + (the present tense of 'left' spelled backwards - first E - A) + the opposite of 'short'
The common vehicle for transportation + (the term for closing both eyes for a short period of time - L)

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