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Can you name the Generation 4 Pokemon with the given clues?

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Forced Order
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(Apple's only video game console - PIN) + opposite of push spelled backwards
A knob like tool usually on control panels + (a group of criminals that work together - NG)
Another word for ghosts or souls + (an area where mummies are commonly found - T)
Hot objects generally give off ____ + past tense of 'run'
An item used to help bikes and other things go off jumps + R + Spanish 2
Opposite of 'light' + a dark brown type of bread
(A poisonous TM that almost every Pokemon can learn - C) + the noise a frog makes
The common object found on trees + a very long period of time
A noise cats make to show comfort + opposite of 'pretty'
M + an object you put flags on + a very long period of time
An 'm' word that is used to symbolize eating + (a type of medicine that helps stop constipation - ATIVE)
The first name of the president of Nintendo of America + a 3 letter word for job, act, or role + a simile usually contains either 'like' or '__'
An item used for straightening hair + a black and yellow striped insect
Another word for 'engine' spelled backwards
Link's main item aside from his sword + opposite of 'off'
The present tense of 'tear' + the past tense of 'tore' + AH
A pink featureless insect that lives underground + the last name of the second president of the USA: John ____s
This man has ran for president of the USA: Ron ____ + an item used for unlocking locks + AH
Opposite of 'out' + the term for hairs on an animal + a term for the back of your neck
Opposite of rich + E + when someone leaves, they are ____ + Z
(To move in a different direction - N) + a very small stick
(The plural of 'man' - N) + (A clear lemon lime soda - E)
(Abbreviation for hippopotamus - O) + a common word spoken upon injury + the leader of a crime organization
Opposite of 'me' + KS + E
AH + an item usually associated with explosions + AH + the replacement for rain during the Winter
A similar word to 'us' + a container used by scientists
(The common shape of a moon - the term for an amount of money less than '$') + L + E + AH
(A mammal known for its bad smell - last K) + a powerful vehicle used during warfare
(The technical term that the Nintendo 64 is named after - T) + the main obstacle on the Donkey Kong arcade
(Plural of 'foot' - T) + when you buy something, you ___ it now
The verb for staying above water + The Legend of ___da
A beverage that uses powder in water + ___, ___, ___ your boat! + TH
A hair style involving a ball on the back of the head + the part of the body used for hearing + E
(A genre of music popular in New Orleans - J) + name of 'Santa's helpers'
(A popular thing found in the night sky other than the Moon - R) + (a famous YouTube animator - EGO)
(An object used to attract metal - T) + the area around a bus you shouldn't stand in is called the 'Danger ____'
The common object associated with the inner workings of a clock + AH + T + another word for chewing on something, usually a bone
(A large frozen chunk of ice common during the Ice Age - IER) + a very long period of time
The metal associated with 3rd place + Donkey K___
(A cylinder shaped bell: wind _____ - E) + to burn something badly
(A creature that eats only meat - ORE) + (A flat object used to display information - S)
(Opposite of 'Solar Eclipse': _____ Eclipse - NAR) + the common vehicle for transportation + E + O
Opposite of woman + AH + (plural of 'foot' - T)
(An insect that usually makes a noise after a bad performance - T) + a form of a potato: tater ___s
The type of boat Noah used + E + what you call group of people including yourself
The noise used to quiet someone + before shooting a gun you should ___ + opposite of 'out'
The name of a fixed hole on clothing + the body part used for hearing + E + people are in court often because they ___d someone else
A dark brown type of bread + another name for 'dock' + E + opposite of 'and'
(An area near homes where the owner grows many plants - another name for 'basement') + a word often associate with biting down
Another word for 'curtain' + a very long period of time

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