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Can you name the Generation 3 Pokemon with the given clues?

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A common phrase to show emotional want for someone, ' I ____ you' + the second word in the CD abbreviation
(A tall orange flower - Y) + a common term for urine spelled backwards
The abbreviation of the muscles found in the stomach region + (opposite of young - D)
The object used to keep broken limbs from movement + solid, liquid, and gas are considered water's ____s
First name of the president of Nintendo of America + another word for 'stone'
A long featureless insect that only comes out during rain + opposite of 'push'
(A diamond shaped object that is suspended in the sky with a string - T) + Shrek's species
A shelled creature that's main organ is its tongue + the rare object that can be found in the first creature
First name of the president of Nintendo of America + a stainless type of metal
Opposite of 'high' + (a baby frog - the object you hang a flag from)
Something people commonly do with their throat when they're nervous or scared - G
A term to describe the blade of a knife + E + the term for bread before it is baked
The largest mammal + (when someone kills someone else - the first color of the rainbow spelled backwards)
(The second main boss in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - T) + a commonly hunted long neck birg
The past tense of 'tear' + a material used to run steam trains
(The common term for a toadstool - the consistency of baby food) + (the common animal found in water - F)
A wavy line that has no smooth lines + (a mammal that looks like it's wearing a mask - a common vehicle for transportation spelled backwards and a 'C')
Your organ that uses the sense of smell + when you give something to someone, you ____ it on
(The Pokemon type similar to rock - N) + opposite of off
(Creator company of Pokemon - O and the opposite of 'beginning') + abbreviation for a game series as well as the name of a fish + AH
(Plural pieces of paper that show the geography of different land - AM) + the noise a pig makes
(The first name of a 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' host - IS) + common term for water in its solid state
The center of an apple + the common water animal
Opposite of your + a member of a church, often referred to as 'sister'
Opposite of 'quiet' + the first color in a rainbow
(An item used to keep broken limbs from moving - T) + (what a caterpillar is enclosed in before it becomes a butterfly - the abbreviation for corporation)
(The present tense of 'fed' - D) + a common fish found in Animal Crossing in a small, large, and sea form
Past tense of 'tear' + a baby chicken
The common verb that birds do + when someone leaves, they are ____
The material used in pottery + small toy people like Raggedy Ann
If you don't hear someone, you ask 'What did you ___?' + a male cow + a 3 letter organ on your face
(Opposite of woman - N) + a word used to show you're doing something during something else
Very small objects that travel through the air and settle anywhere + a cow like animal that is usually know for pulling wagons
Another word meaning 'to protect' + EV + a paddle used in boats to steer
(The ghost from Animal Crossing - P) + another name for money
Present tense of 'saw' + a small circular shape
Common replacement for rain in the Winter + the smallest born in a group of animals
The most common tall plant + the abbreviation for 'corporation'
Wet dirt or sand + (To ____ something up off of the ground spelled backwards - C)
The first name of the singer of 'Chocolate Rain' + opposite of 'high'
(an object used to take pictures - a long period of time that ends with a dramatic change) + what a volcano does when it releases lava
The main limb on a bird that helps it fly + (the opposite of push - P)
(Opposite of 'hate' spelled backwards - E) + another name for the drum rhythm in a song
(The ghost from Animal Crossing - P) + (When someone is killed by someone else - the first color of the rainbow spelled backwards)
The opposite of 'minus' + L
To bring up the Task Manager, you press: 'Ctrl-___-Delete' + a common term for the atmosphere + E + AH
Opposite of 'dawn' + (opposite of 'push' - P)
Opposite of woman + (a type of paper cash that can hold any amount - CH) + said on Halloween, '_____ or Treat'
The royal way of addressing a male + a miniature play, often used in school classes
Common nickname for someone named Raymond + (caused by tectonic plate shifts, called an earth_____ - KE) + (a very famous food - PIZ)

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