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Can you name the Generation 2 Pokemon with the given clues?

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A dark brown bread + noise a pigeon makes
A long necked African animal + R + (the animal pork comes from - P)
Church related word for doing something bad + (opposite of mom - last D) + term for a feather pen
The boss of an organized crime family + a object used to cool of a room with wind
(A container for ashes - N) + a tool used for cutting wood + an object that symbolized marriage
Question word that doesn't start with 'W' + (opposite of 'or' - A) + 60 minutes
Opposite of known
(Opposite of salty - T) + (Stage that follows a caterpillar - first 'CO')
Term for a feather pen + (magma after it exits a volcano - L)
Opposite of fast + opposite of queen
Object that falls from pine trees - last NE
(A certain type of cough - ING) + R
A term for someone famous - R and TY
S + P + opposite of 'off'
A stainless type of metal + X
N + first name of the musician of the song 'Chocolate Rain'
The center of an apple + the heel of a shoe + AH
('Yin ____' - G) + (opposite of woman - N)
Opposite of finger + opposite of finger + a knob like object found on control panels
Opposite of rich + E + when someone leaves, they are ____ + number associated with second
(Opposite of woman spelled backwards - M) + number associated with second
Opposite of 'him' + AH + 2 pieces of wood nailed together perpendicular
R + E + AH + Spanish 2
(A beverage that builds strong bones - K) + a powerful vehicle often used in wars
Opposite of moon + opposite of ceiling + AH
Common tool for gardening + word that 'no' follows in a 2 word statement
Piece of clothing that goes with a suit + past form of 'run' + him, her, __ + R
An area along a sea where land curves in + the comment object found on trees
A large black bird + a flying nocturnal creature
Less dramatic word for kiss + similar word to 'uh'
A queen's husband + the act of creating images on paper, usually with a pencil
(A number puzzle usually containing 9 sections - KU) + Opposite of metal + O
(Lava before it exits a volcano - last MA) + Common vehicle of transportation + opposite of stop
Opposite of finger + (when playing tag with someone, you usually say 'I'm gonna ___ you' - T) + P
Animal similar to snail + (opposite of woman - N)
You usually do this to a top + R + (opposite of front - B)
Restaurant type that makes sub sandwiches + the common flying animal
(An involuntary quivering movement - T) + when someone is injured, you use a First ___ kit
(The death of someone cause by someone else - DER) + a large black bird
Term for a feather pen + the common water animal
L + (opposite of 'you' - M) + opposite of adult
A object used to cool of a room with wind + P
An object that rings, usually in churches + similarly spelled but opposite word of 'awful'
AH + a place that holds animals for entertainment + ('X _____ the spot' - KS) + another word for sick
The hairs on an animal + similar animal to crocodile
Sound an owl makes + Sound an owl makes
An old fashioned item that gives of light, usually during camping
What is left after a wound + opposite of less + E
A baby chicken + opposite of 'and' + word for consuming food + AH
Another word for 'finished' + thinly dispersed or scattered

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