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Forced Order
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Ocean on the Northern part of Earth + Spanish 1
When something is a necessity, you ____ it + O + a queen's husband
Homer Simpson's catchphrase + a term for two people other than couple and pair
The sound a cat makes + (a common 3 letter word that shows up once in this clue - E)
Water's gas state + a very long period of time
The city that the Eiffel Tower is in
(An object that attracts metals - T) + 2,000 pounds
(Opposite of woman - N) + a verb used for cutting up vegetables
The Latin word for 'bulls'
A single word used to agree with something someone said
Opposite of fast + to jab someone with your finger
Aside from sneezing, another main action connected to sickness
(Squidward's last name - CLES) + when a climate is slightly cold
Water droplets found on grass in the morning + a large cymbal like instrument
(Opposite of woman - N) + what you do when you get food stuck in your throat
What you do when you cry softly + an object that rings usually in churches
A number like 7 or 3 + another name for monkey
The first woman according to some religions + E
When you take a risk, you are also taking a ______ + E
The honorific title of a male + a silent performer
When you win something, it is your _______ + an object that rings usually in churches
X + an object birds and reptiles lay + common word used to describe a baby
A body of water just smaller than an ocean + a queen's husband
Lava before it exits a volcano + R
To burn something badly + opposite of woman + first color of the rainbow spelled backwards
(A popular material that often replaces wood - L) + the term for the container that holds peas
A limbless reptile spelled backwards
A greasy fat made from dairy products + an item that is for sale with no price is ____
(A shiny yellow valuable metal - D) + a flying nocturnal creature
Your are often given something to make you feel this before a surgery
(The sound a cat makes - O) + Number that equals 'second'
(The poisonous liquid in snakes and scorpions - M) + a very annoying insect tinier than a mosquito
A yellow and black striped insect + an object used to put screws into wood
Not a solid or liquid + famous fighting actor: Bruce ___
A common container used by scientists + explosions are usually followed by a _____ of smoke
The very top of a mountain + noise associated with sneezing
An invasive plant + L
(Common style of cardboard puzzle - tool used for cutting wood) + famous fighting actor: Bruce ___ + 'Jet ____ed' Marshmallows
Mr. Resetti's species + Spanish 3
An item used to light up an area: Light____ + an aching mild pain
Q + the main support for your body
Opposite of fast + the 'cool' thing to call your male sibling
Noise associated with lasers + Spanish 2
A gun known for shooting water + L
A place that holds many different animals for entertainment + a flying nocturnal creature
Word used after two people say the same thing at the same time
An object used to stick papers to a bulletin board + the royal way of addressing a male
A common mythical beast + the common term for atmosphere
A bright survival item used to help rescuers save someone + a very long period of time
Opposite of rich + E + when someone leaves they are ____

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