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QUIZ: Can you name the Do you know Poseidon??

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Who or WhatName
God of
Animal association
God of this natural phenomena
Roman name
Son who killed the Minotaur
Lost patronship of Athens to
Who or WhatName
Offered Athens this, but was beaten by the Olive Tree
Blamed for this medical phenomena
At birth was swallowed by his father
Some myths say that instead of being swallowed at birth, Poseidon was raised by
Instead of being swallowed at birth, Poseidon was raised on this island
Poseidon's persuit of Demeter caused the birth of their son, a horse that could speak named
Poseidon's granddaughter, whom he had an affair with, was buried alive and turned into a spring
Poseidon rescued her from a satyr and then had a child, Nauplius with her
Persued this woman in Athena's temple, resulting in her becoming a monster
One of the twins he had with Tyro when disquised as Enipeus
One of the twins he had with Tyro when disquised as Enipeus
Who or WhatName
Woman Poseidon turned into a man after having an affair with
Carries a
With Apollo, as punishment for angering Zeus, served this King and built the wall's of Troy
The seamonster he sent to destroy Troy was killed by the hero
Though he favored the Greeks in the Trojan War, he rescued this man after Achilles killed the Trojan Prince
Hated Odysseus for harming his cyclops son,
His son, a merman
His son, a winged horse
One of his sons, a giant
One of his sons, a giant
Theseus's mother

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