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Glenn Ford western. Remade in 2007.
Last train of the day?
Ex 'Neighbours' actor took Rod Taylor's role in remake
Terry Gilliam 1981 film
Whose nose? Not Nicole Kidman's...
Steamy Basinger/Rourke coupling
Sigourney Weaver as aussie newshound
Alan Moore's brooding superheroes reach the big screen
Gary Cooper 1952 western
Time repeating drama with Helen Slater
Lancaster/Kerr multi-Oscar winning film
Eric Bana time-hopping romance
Controversial Kubrick droog-fest
Alaskan based vampire bloodbath
Cagey adrenaline-pumping heist caper
Eddie Murphy's film debut
Judy Garland/Robert Walker 1945 romance
Brit zombie virus flick
Global disaster film with tagline 'This year, a sweater won't do..'
Most famously known for the inclusion of the fur bikini...

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