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Gwyneth played the wife of this actor's character in Se7en
...who played the imaginary alter ego of this actor in Fight Club
...who starred in this film based on the Thomas Harris book
...which was the prequel to this film
...which starred this actress
...who played the mother of this actress' character in a 2002 thriller
...who played the love interest of this actor in the recent vampire film saga
...who played Cedric in this magic themed series of films
...whose mentor was originally played by
...who played the dying emperor alongside this new zealand born actor
...who played a cop colleague of this actor in L.A. Confidential
...who played the nemesis of this superhero
...whose Justice League ally was played by this actor in the 4th movie of that character's series
...who played alongside this actor in a casino heist caper
...who starred in a film about conjoined twins alongside this actress
...who played the girlfriend of this actor's character in the gritty cop drama also starring Ethan Hawke
...who played a quadriplegic opposite this oscar winning actress
...who fell for this actor while filming their first collaberative effort together

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