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Antarctic animation
50 eggs? No way!
Shaken not stirred circa 1995
All singing, all dancing, transvestite Travolta
Tomb Raider walks the grid for Denzel
David Lynch crime/romance of 1990
Kate Winslet plays Alzheimer's sufferer
Steve Martin with twice the intelligence- half the sense...
Grim directorial debut by Gary Oldman
'He no nuts, he's crazy!' He's also named after the dog...
French diplomat's unhealthy obsession with a girl's joint
Kenneth More become wild west lawman
Horror- not exactly love at first bite...
We're gonna need a bigger boat....
Swashbuckling adventure with Geena Davis
2009 Ray Winstone crime drama
Flick about a teen superhero wannabe
Albert Finney plays private dick in this 1971 flick
William Hurt and Kathleen Turner raise the temperature
Kevin Bacon's shoelaces need tightening

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