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The entertainment.ie Simpsons Quiz, Part II?

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Who shot Mr. Burns?
What was the name of the detective sent to Springfield to defeat the Beer Baron?
What was Chief Wiggum's first name?
Which actress voiced Rev. Lovejoy's daughter?
What district of Springfiel did Red Blazer realtor Cookie Kwan warn people to stay out of
Who was the cabaret crooner who sang at Bart's Casino?
What was the last name Moe boxed under?
What band ordered the London Philharmonic, possibly while high, at Hullabalooza?
What was the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe?
Where do hamburgers eat people, according to Lisa?
What was the name of Springfield A&M's mascot that Homer kidnapped?
What was the fake name Bart used to get a credit card?
What was the name of Hans Moleman's radio show?
Who replaced Milhouse as Fall-Out Boy in the Radioactive Man movie?
What is Homer terrified of?

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