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The entertainment.ie Friends Quiz, Part II?

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In total, how many times has Ross been married?
What was the BBC series in which Emily / Helen Baxendale starred in with James Nesbitt?
What was the name of the band who sang the theme tune?
Name one of the actresses who played Rachel's sisters?
What was the name of Chandler's father's gay bar?
What was the name of Phoebe's twin sister?
Complete the lyrics, 'Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what ______'
Jon Favreau, who played Pete Becker - Monica's billionaire boyfriend, directed which Marvel movie?
What was the name of Joey's agent?
In the American Football episode, what country was the pretty lady Joey & Chandler fought over from?
What did Phoebe get on her dress that she covered with a Christmas decoration?
What was the surname of Carol, Ross's ex-wife?
When Joey picked a different name for acting, what was the name Chandler convinced him to use?
What was the soap Joey starred in as Dr. Drake Ramoray?
Which of the group did Phoebe name one of her own children after?

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