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Forced Order
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What type of car did Fr. Ted drive? Was it a Ford Cortina or a Ford Capri?
What was Fr. Jack's surname?
True or false - Mrs. Doyle's name is never revealed throughout the series
What was the name of Fargo Boyle's prize sheep?
What was the name of the banned film that was shown on Craggy Island? ___ _______ of St. Tibulus
What character did Graham Norton play?
What was Bishop Brennan terrified of?
Who played Fr. Fintan Stack, Fr. Jack's jungle-music loving replacement?
What award did Fr. Ted win for guiding the priests out of Ireland's lingerie section?
What was the name of the philandering milkman on Craggy Island?
What did Fr. Dougal give up for Lent?
What did Fr. Ted say to One Foot In The Grave star Richard Wilson that made him so angry?
Who was feminist singer Niamh Connolly a parody of?
What was Fr. Ted's specialist subject on Eoin McLove's show?
What was the name of the fake priest that tried to steal Fr. Ted's Golden Cleric?

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