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Forced Order
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Who directed Batman Forever?
What was Penguin's real name?
According to Tim Burton's Batman, who shot Bruce Wayne's parents?
According to to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, who shot Bruce Wayne's parents?
Who was the actor who played Alfred in Tim Burton / Joel Schumacher's Batman?
What was the name of Kim Basinger's character in Batman?
In The Dark Knight, what percentage of the Mob's money did Joker want?
What was the fake title for Batman Begins?
What was the fake title for The Dark Knight?
True or false, Penguin from the 1960's Batman TV series also starred in Rocky
In Batman Begins, what was the unofficial name of the Batmobile?
In Batman Returns, what was the name of Christopher Walken's character?
How many actresses (excluding the TV series) have played Catwoman?
What was the name of Nicole Kidman's character in Batman Forever?
Who played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman film?

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