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What musician did Kanye West diss at the Grammys in February for 'not respecting artistry'?
Whose performance at the Superbowl halftime show was almost overshadowed by a dancing shark?
Madonna made headlines when she fell down steps during her BRITs performance - but was she singing 'Living for Love' or 'Rebel Heart' at the time?
What was the name of Drake's biggest hit this year, the video of which featured his... unusual... dancing?
Adele made her comeback in emphatic fashion with '25' - but how old is the Londoner in reality? 25, 27 or 28?
The Weeknd scored a big hit this year with 'Can't Feel My Face' - but is it true or false that the song was originally written for (and rejected by) Prince?
Hozier had another big year in 2015, but what Scottish singer did he perform with at the Grammys?
Ham Sandwich released their long-awaited third album in 2015 - what was it called?
Who won The X Factor UK in December?
U2 brought their 'Innocence + Experience' tour home to Dublin, but how many nights did they play at the 3Arena in November?
Which alt-country/indie musician covered Taylor Swift's '1989' album in full this year?
Name the 2015 song (not artist) from these lyrics: 'It's shaking the sky / And I'm following lightning / I'll recover if you keep me alive'
'Grey Tickles, Black Pressure' is the third solo album by which American musician, beloved of Irish audiences?
What soul legend did Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor pay tribute to in song form this year?
Chicago band Wilco released their new album in 2015 and called it 'Star Wars' - true or false?
Is hip-hop artist Fetty Wap's real name 'Willie Maxwell II' or 'Maxwell Williamson II'?
Which British pop star provided 'Writing's on the Wall', the theme song for new Bond film 'Spectre' this year?
Blur headlined Electric Picnic in 2015 - but what was their comeback album called?
What indie band announced their live return (including a Dublin date next summer) by placing posters of lemons around Manchester?
Hollywood actress Courteney Cox directed a music video for what Dublin band this year?
Name the artist (not song) from these lyrics: 'You’re so indecisive of what I’m saying / Trying to catch the beat, make up your heart / Don't know if you're happy, or complaini
Which ex-Beatle did Kanye West and Rihanna team up with for 'FourFiveSeconds'?
What month did Zayn Malik leave One Direction - March or May?
Barack Obama named 'How Much a Dollar Cost' as his favourite song of 2015, but which rap artist is it by?
Enya released her new album 'Dark Sky Island' this year, but how many albums has she sold over the course of her career - 43 million, 80 million or 110 million?

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