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How much do you know about this year's Electric Picnic artists?

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Who is the frontman of Blur?
What Electric Picnic artist released their solo album 'In the Lonely Hour' in 2014?
Conor O'Brien is the man behind which Irish band?
Cut Chemist is the DJ of which legendary hip-hop group playing EP this year?
Is 2015 year the 10th or 12th edition of Electric Picnic?
Printer Clips is Paul Noonan's side project, but what is his main band called?
What band was Róisín Murphy in before she went solo?
James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire, Sean Moore. Which Welsh trio is this?
What Electric Picnic performer has starred in both a Bond film and 'Conan the Destroyer' with Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Rapper Yasiin Bey was formerly known by which stage name?
True or false: Electric Picnic was originally held at a site other than Stradbally House?
'Born Slippy' is one of the best-known songs by which Electric Picnic act?
Which Scottish city do Belle & Sebastian hail from?
Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has just had her birthday. Was she 29 or 31?
Samuel Herring is known for his energetic, sweaty dance moves on stage - but which band is he the lead singer of?
He's known for his roles in LCD Soundsystem, at DFA Records and now as one half of EP act Despacio - who is he?
Speaking of LCD Soundsystem, which other electropop band on the EP line-up boasts a former member of that band?
Lauren Mayberry is the frontwoman of which divine Scottish electropop trio?
'Budapest'; 'Cassy O'; 'Blame It On Me'. Songs by which EP artist?
Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler, Sam Fogarino. Members of which uber-cool NYC band playing Electric Picnic?

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