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Where do Bill and Stan get arrested?County
What is Alabama famous for?
How many years does Vinny tell Judge Haller he's been practicing law?
What does Bill shoplift?
What college were Bill and Stan traveling from?College
What college were Bill and Stan traveling to?College
What car did Bill and Stan drive?Make and model
How far does Vinny stand from Ms. Riley with the tape measure?
Name the three types of animal heads in the prosecutor's office.
What is in the red plastic bag in Vinny's trunk?
'Ya get that, the whole store got the ___!'
What didn't they teach Vinny in law school?
'We think they're trying to set us up as ______, Ma.'During their one phonecall
Who gets killed via death penalty?
Where does Vinny get his best nights sleep?
What does Ms. Vito inquire about when they first get to Alabama?
What color is Ms. Vito's camera?
How many bushes were in the front of the defendants home?
What car could never be confused with the Buick Skylark?
What word does the Judge misunderstand while Vinny is speaking?
What does Stan say is the minimum age for execution in Alabama?
'Its called _______ ya ****!'
What is the D.A.'s name?
'Would you give a **** what kind of ________ the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?!'
How long has Ms. Riley been wearing glasses?
?'What are you a ****' _________ ________?'2 words
How much money does Lisa get stiffed for in the pool hall?
How many times is Vinny put in contempt?
Who does Lisa complain is getting married before her?
'The Case Cracker!'
Where does Vinny joke the witness got his 'magic grits' ?
What nickname does Bill call Vinny when he first sees him in the jail cell?
What is the name of the 'idiot who wants to fight me for $200'?
What caliber bullet was used to murder Jimmy Willis?
'I routinely twist to ______________ ____________ __________'3 words, Lisa comments about faucet
Where is Vinny from?
Where does Vinny go to Law School?
'Its an industry term'4 words, precedes quote
Bill says that Vinny was this magicians worst nightmare.
What Judge from New York inspired Vinny to become a lawyer?

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