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Can you name all the characters in Detroit: Become Human?

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Chapter first appearingCharacterHint
The HostageAn RK800 android and one of the main protagonists
Shades of ColorAn RK200 android and one of the main protagonists
A New HomeAn AX400 android and one of the main protagonists
A New HomeAbused by her father, she runs away with the AX400 android
A New HomeOwner of AX400 and abuser of daughter
The PainterA celebrated painter and owner of the RK200 android
The PainterDrug addicted son of a famous painter
PartnersAn alcoholic detective in the DCPD
FugitivesA former gardener android, abused by humans and now speaks in third person
Waiting for HankThe RK800's handler
Waiting for HankAn officer in the DCPD
Time to DecideAn android at Jericho
Chapter first appearingCharacterHint
Time to DecideAn android at Jericho
Time to DecideAn android at Jericho
ZlatkoAn android who becomes deviant and protects his 'family' on their journey
ZlatkoAn abuser of androids who tricks and sells them for profit
Russian RouletteA Saint Bernard Dog
Spare PartsAn android security guard around the Cyberlife warehouses
The Pirates' CoveA group of androids that used to work at Pirate's Cove
Midnight TrainA smuggler of androids to Canada
Midnight TrainA nervous son of a smuggler of androids
Meet KamskiFormer CEO of Cyberlife
Meet KamskiThe first android perfected by Cyberlife

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