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Can you name the the deaths in the Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows?

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KillerVictimCause Of Death
The Bloody BaronStabbing
Ariana DumbledoreKiller lost control
UnknownKilled when a 3 way duel broke out
VoldemortKilling Curse
VoldemortKilling Curse
Death EaterKilling Curse
VoldemortUnknown, Most Likely Killing Curse
Most Likely NaginiUnknown
VoldemortKilling Curse
VoldemortKilling Curse
His Own HandStrangulation
KillerVictimCause Of Death
Bellatrix LestrageKnife Wound
Augustus RookwoodExplosion
Antonin DolohovUnknown
Bellatrix LestrangeUnknown
NaginiSnake Bite
Unknown/ p.s. he was tiny in deathUnknown
Neville LongbottomDecapitation
Molly WealeyUnknown Curse
Harry Potter/HimselfKilling Curse
Snatchers led by Fenrir GreybackUnknown
Snatchers led by Fenrir GreybackUnknown

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