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How much do you know about Frayn's Spies? - Chapter 8?

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What is Stephen unsure about at the beginning of the chapter?
What upsets Stephen at this point?
Complete the quote (CTQ) 'I now really am shut out of that....'
CTQ:'Eat chocolate spread in the....'
What does Stephen begin to do to alert adults of Mrs Hayward's actions?
What is Stephen's opinion on the letter he's writing?
Who meets Stephen in the hideout whilst writing his letter?
Who do the two spot going to the letterbox with Mrs Hayward
Barbara realises that Mrs Hayward is closely guarded since coming home inexplicably with what?
What does Mrs Hayward intend to do when seeing Stephen?
What stops her from her doing so?
What does Stephen think he should admit to the policeman?
What does Stephen say about his smoking?
What do they do with the cigarette stub on the floor?
How does Stephen describe smoking?
What does Barbara convince Stephen to then do?
What word does Stephen find on his tongue over and over again?
CTQ: 'Lamorna is the....'
CTQ: 'Lamorna is the correct scientific description...'
As well as Barbara, who else does Stephen associate 'Lamorna' with?
What realisation does Stephen come to about the unknown man
What is implied that Mrs Hayward will ask Stephen to do?
What phrase does Stephen say to BB about smoking the cigarette stub?
What does the opening of the trunk mean in relation to Keith?
What memories of Mrs Hayward in the tunnel springs back to Stephen's mind?
What do the children around Aunty Dee's house call the unknown man?
CTQ: 'It's something to do with that....'
CTQ: 'The dull green branches of the bushes that I'm hiding beneath...'
CTQ: 'Lamorna is the indoor firework smell of the match...'
Overall, what does this chapter symbolise?

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