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QUIZ: Can you answer these questions about Survivor Season 1?

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Forced Order
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Where did Survivor 1 take place?
Who was the first person voted off the island?
What was the name of the yellow tribe?
Which survivor was frequently naked?
What was Sue Hawk's profession?
Name the romantic pairing of this season
What object did Greg use as a phone?
Who did not receive a video from home?
Whose video did the tribe view?
Who implemented an alphabetical voting strategy?
What did Sean say he was missing the most?
Who had a baby during the season?
Name a player who went on to play a second time
What did the survivors eat for the first food challenge?
Which person brought a bible as his/her personal item?
Who is pictured in the opening sequence with bugs flying around his/her face?
Who was the sole survivor?

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