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QUIZ: Can you name the My Chemical Romance Trivia?

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Forced Order
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Name the original members. (Order: Vocals, Bassist, Guitarist, Dummer.)
What is Ray Toro's full name?
What is Gerard's favorite lyric?
Wha is Frank and Gerard's couple name?
Who bought MCR their first tour bus?
MCR formed after what event?
What band is Gerard's wife in?
What is Gerard afraid of?
Mikey is said to love what mythical creature?
One of Frank's twins shares a name with what fruit?
Gerard and Mikey are addicted to ____.
As of 2012, MCR has how many studio albums?
Who said the song SING was propaganda?
MCR appeared on what children's TV show?
Who is the youngest in the band?
What day is his birthday?
Mikey is said to be ____, but he really isn't.
Who wears contacts?
What turns Mikey on?
Why did Mike Pedicone get kicked out of the band?
Where is the band from?
Who is the only one who hasn't been a smoker?
Where did the final performance of The Black Parade take place?
Their official documentary movie is called what?
What brand was Gerard's white face powder?
As of 2012, Gerard, LynZ, and Bandit live where?
The weirdest thing Frank has ever signed is what?
They toured with ____ on the 10th Honda Civic Tour.
They say their favorite place to play is:
They don't like that fans make them have sex in ____.
Frank appeared on what reality show?
What album went double platinum in the UK?
What non-MCR music video did Mikey make a cameo in?
Mikey died in which music video?
Mikey can eat his body weight in ___.
Mikey released a bass for what company in 2012?
What is Gerard's least favorite super hero?

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