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U__________AHalf-women-half-octopus antagonist from Disney's The Little Mermaid
U__________BAbbreviation for a cable used to connect computers to electronic devices
U__________CHaving frequencies above those of ordinary sound
U__________DA type of throw in sports, or an adjective meaning sneaky or surreptitious
U__________EA character on your keyboard used primarily to underline words or as a replacement for a space
U__________FAn organisation created by the UN providing assistance to children and mothers in developing countries
U__________GAn informal or unspoken agreement or arrangement
U__________HAmerica's 45th state
U__________IAcronym for a family of submachine guns
U__________JAbbreviation for the name of the flag of the United Kingdom
U__________KLanguage spoken by a native of Tashkent
U__________LA useful tool or implement, especially in the kitchen
U__________MA demand or statement of terms which is backed up by a threat if not met
U__________NBilly Joel was in love with this kind of girl
U__________OThird and final Nirvana studio album: In ________
U__________PTo take over or seize power without right
U__________QTown in the north west of Greenland, the 11th largest on the island, mentioned in the title of a song by KT Tunstall
U__________RA sore which can often occur in the mouth
U__________SAdjective meaning 'excessively devoted to one's wife'
U__________TAdjective meaning 'untidy or dishevelled', particularly applied to hair
U__________UA German manufacturer of adhesives
U__________VSurname of writer and actor Peter who died in 2004
U__________WSomething you can do with a screwdriver
U__________XBritish band fronted by Midge Ure
U__________YSouth American country whose capital is Montevideo
U__________ZFormer Spanish international footballer Ismael, who made over 300 appearances for Athletic Bilbao between 1996-2007

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