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ClueProvince/TerritorySporcle Category
It borders British Columbia, Montana, Northwest Territories, SaskatchewanGeography
Its three largest cities are Yellowknife, Hay River, and InuvikGeography
Its top 5 most spoken languages are English, Cree, French, German, UkrainianGeography
The CFL team, the Blue Bombers, are from hereSports
Birth place of former Detroit Red Wings captain, Steve YzermanSports
Former home of MLB team, the ExposSports
Birthplace of Lilith Fair founder, Sarah McLachlanEntertainment
Home of Canada's Walk of FameEntertainment
Home of the Just For Laughs comedy festivalEntertainment
Two breeds of dogs are named after this placeScience
The only place to have a carnivorous plant as its official flowerScience
Where insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles BestScience
Home of NickelbackMusic
Mentioned in the title of a 1972 Gordon Lightfoot SongMusic
Stompin' Tom Connors spent his childhood here, in Skinner's PondMusic
The most recent province or territory to be recognizedHistory
Where the Plains of Abraham are locatedHistory
Terry Fox's walk ended hereHistory
Home of fictional heroine Anne ShirleyLiterature
Former home of both Pierre Berton and Robert W. ServiceLiterature
Where most of David Adams Richards novels are setLiterature
Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English and French are its official languagesLanguage
The French name for this province is Nouvelle-ÉcosseLanguage
ClueProvince/TerritorySporcle Category
The only place besides Ontario, Nunavut, and Alberta whose postal code abbreviation is also found in the Scrabble dictionaryLanguage
Home to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort SmithReligion
Home to Canada's largest number of SikhsReligion
Home to Canada's largest churchReligion
In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it is where Wolverine is shown to be fromMovies
White Fang, starring Ethan Hawke, is set hereMovies
The Shipping News, starring Kevin Spacey, is set hereMovies
The Beachcombers was shot hereTelevision
Where Corner Gas was locatedTelevision
Where the Trailer Park Boys resideTelevision
On the most recent edition of Canadian Monopoly, international airports from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and this place replaced the railroadsGaming
Home of the largest casino in CanadaGaming
This place has a town named after the card game FaroGaming
Home to Mount Allison University, St. Thomas University, and Universite de MonctonMiscellaneous
Where the Auyuittuq National Park is locatedMiscellaneous
Its official bird is the sharp tailed grouseMiscellaneous
Where Magnetic Hill is locatedJust For Fun
Home of the Polar Bear Capital of the WorldJust For Fun
Place which most closely resembles a trapezoidJust For Fun
This province celebrates Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) and in the days following Christmas, people may go 'mummering' door to doorHolidays
This province celebrates Louis Riel Day in FebruaryHolidays
Balzac Billy, is their equivalent to Punxsutawney Phil, who makes predictions on Groundhog's DayHolidays

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