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Can you name the 50 greatest films of all time, according to the 2012 Sight & Sound poll?

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Alfred Hitchcock1958
Orson Welles1941
Yasujiro Ozu1953
Jean Renoir1939
F.W. Murnau1927
Stanley Kubrick1968
John Ford1956
Dziga Vertov1929
Carl Theodor Dreyer1928
Federico Fellini1963
Sergei Eisenstein1925
Jean Vigo1934
Jean-Luc Godard1960
Francis Ford Coppola1979
Yasujiro Ozu1949
Robert Bresson1966
Akira Kurosawa1954
Ingmar Bergman1966
Andrei Tarkovsky1975
Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly1952
Michelangelo Antonioni1960
Jean-Luc Godard1963
Francis Ford Coppola1972
Carl Theodor Dreyer1952
Wong Kar-Wai2000
Andrei Tarkovsky1966
Akira Kurosawa1950
David Lynch2001
Andrei Tarkovsky1979
Claude Lanzmann1985
Francis Ford Coppola1974
Martin Scorsese1976
Vittorio de Sica1948
Buster Keaton1927
Fritz Lang1927
Alfred Hitchcock1960
Chantal Akerman1975
Bela Tarr1994
Francois Truffaut1959
Federico Fellini1960
Roberto Rossellini1954
Satyajit Ray1955
Billy Wilder1959
Carl Theodor Dreyer1964
Jean-Luc Godard1965
Jacques Tati1967
Abbas Kiarostami1990
Gillo Pontecorvo1966
Jean-Luc Godard1989
Charlie Chaplin1931
Kenji Mizoguchi1953
Chris Marker1962

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