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AAlphabetically first among Best Picture winners (1950)
BFirst film to win 11 Oscars
CThree-time Best Director winner (1934, 1936, 1938)
DFour men with 'D' last names won Best Actor in the 1980s. He was the second (1983).
EWon 1996 Best Picture (for some reason)
FFirst posthumous Best Actor winner
GLongest film to win Best Picture
HThe two multiple Best Actor winners whose names fit this letter
I1934 film that won the Big Five
JDiablo Cody won Best Original Screenplay for this film
KWon two Best Director Oscars (1947 and 1954)
LWon 1998 Best Foreign Language Film, as well as netting its star a Best Actor award
MYoungest Best Actress winner (1986 - 21 years old)
NMost acting nominations for any male (12)
OYoungest competitive Oscar winner (Supporting Actress - 1973)
PPerformed one-handed push-ups after winning the 1991 Best Supporting Actor award
QTwo-time Best Supporting Actor winner (Viva Zapata! and Lust for Life)
RThis 1988 film won Best Original Screenplay... oh, and a few other Oscars as well
SAlliteratively named actress who won Best Actress in 1980 for playing an alliteratively named singer
TOldest Best Actress nominee/winner (80 years old)
UTwo-time Best Supporting Actor (Spartacus and Topkapi)
VWon Best Actor for his role in Coming Home
WMost Best Director nominations (12)
XOnly X-rated film to win Best Picture (does not begin with X)
YWon Best Actor in 1956 for playing King Mongkut (first name begins with Y)
ZWon Best Supporting Actress in 2003

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