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Yo! This Domino's mascot was created in 1986.
Shake it like this brand of film, which was first introduced in 1948
Richard Hell fronted this first-wave punk rock band.
This term refers to a commonly-known tidbit that is actually false, though it is also used to mean any meaningless trivia.
These 'star-like' objects are commonly found between Mars and Jupiter.
1986 Taito arcade game based on Atari's Breakout series.
This gland, located in the neck, regulates metabolism, among other functions.
King Crimson recorded a song about this type of '21st Century Man.'
Increasing fiber intake is a recommended cure when these vascular structures become inflamed.
Despite their name, these membranes are not found in spiders, but rather covering the brain and spinal cord of humans.
This 'devilish' BitTorrent tracker was created in 2003 by an anonymous Serb.
There are currently 11 games in this sci-fi video game series launched in 1986.
These organic compounds are useful for many purposes in addition to making people hit more home runs.
This compound is most commonly associated with film. Morrissey wanted to go down in this kind of history.
To stay away from; consumers were warned to do this with the answer to the first clue.
Like Marvin in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, people who believe they are constantly being persecuted are described by this adjective.
Marvin was also this type of human-like robot.
Completely lacking, untouched by, or free from.
Almost globe-like; technically, an ellipsoid with two equal semi-diameters.
A thin loop of wire that produces a magnetic field when electricity passes through it.
This number refers to the amount of chromosomes in a gamete.
A 2009 Gaspar Noe film. 'Enter the ___'

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