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Can you name the Yugioh characters from all series??

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Only appearing in the first (undubbed) season of Yugioh this character is the only main character not to appear in the following Duel Monsters based run.
A Hollywood actor who tries to propose to another duelist via a duel.
Kaiba Corporation's accountant, part of a group called the Big 5, he had a slight fetish for penguins.
Pegasus's right hand man
Wielder of Millennium/Sennen Key/Ankh and Scales, he is/was the guardian of the Millennium/Sennen items
The Original Duel Monsters villain, he threw the Duelist Kingdom tournament.
The Villain of the 3D movie, He attempted to destroy the world by going back in time.
The Only Character to have two rivals, he's a billionaire company owner at a young age.
His name translated to english means 'game'
Had his soul stolen by Pegasus thus beginning season one of Duel Monsters
This Vamp traps souls in dolls
The Professor Snape of Duel Academy
The Hero of GX
The shooting star(and hero) of 5D's
The only character to have at least a cameo in three different anime versions of Yugioh
The 'Yami' of Yugioh ZEXAL, he's an alien who has no memory
'I am the son of Aknamkamon my name is _____'

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