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Current Prime Minister of Poland
Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs (and member of its house of representatives) from 1952-1971
Danish Prime Minister from 2001-2009; now secretary General of NATO
Chancellor of Austria from 2000-2007
Known as the Iron Lady, she remains the only woman to become Prime Minister of The United Kingdom
Current Prime Minister of Malta
Current Australian Prime Minister
Current President of Russia
Current President of Brazil
Current President of France
U.S Senator from New Hampshire, won election in 2008 (is senior Senator
This Alaskan Senator became the first Senator in more than fifty years to win a write in campiagn when she did it in 2010
Senator from Massachusetts and 2004 Democratic nominee for President
Former Senator From Maine, and author of a steroids investigation that bears his name
Former Senate Majority Leader from South Dakota
The Longest serving Congressman ever
The Former Senator from Kansas was the GOP nominee for President in 1996
Former Senator from Ohio, also first American to orbit the earth
Leader of the 'Rainbow Coalition' he ran for president in both 1984 and 1988
This Former San Francisco Mayor is now the Lieutenant Governor of California

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