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Governor of New Jersey from 2006- 2010 was Senator from 2001 to 2006
Senator from Arizona since 1995, was congressman from 1987 to 1995
Indiana Congressman since to 2001, is currently running for Governor
Governor Of Alaska 2007-2009, unsuccessful GOP vice-presidential nominee in 2008
New York Congressman from 1987-2005, Served in Upstate New York
Congressman, New York's first District
New York Congressman from 1985-1989 (also father of former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi)
North Carolina Congressman from 1986-2005
U.S house Majority Leader
Governor Of New Hampshire 1983-1989 later Chief of Staff to President George H.W Bush
Congressman Minnesota 1983-1995
Former Governor and Senator from Ohio, was also losing VP candidate of Thomas Dewey in 1944
Massachusetts governor 1991-1997
Currently GOP presidential nominee
Former Governor of Maine; is currently running for Senate as an independent
Governor of Texas in early 1990's
Arizona Senator; was GOP's nominee in 2008
Former Mayor of New York City; has airport named after him
Governor of New York on 9/11/01
Hawaiian senator; is currently the oldest person serving in the senate

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