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Take me back to the black hills, the black hills of Dakota
Put on my armour, I'm off to Ohio
On the avenue I'm taking you to, 42nd Street
Egypt saw the mighty river at its very heart and soul
And so you go home to Skid Row
Where're you going? Barcelona. OK
Orlando, Orlando, I love you Orlando
Paris silk, Paris tweed, there's only one thing I need
All I know is Memphis lives in me
So off Beth went to Phoenix filled with champagne, hope and dread
The world's gonna wake up and see Baltimore and me
The cruelty of men is as wondrous as Peru
Saturday morning in Southall Broadway, so many glories in store
Rome wasn't built in a day but Dagenham definitely was
And has attacked prostitutes in the Ipswich area
I made my mind up back in Chelsea, when I go I'm going like Elsie
You should not give up on Ireland, just be careful you don't get played
Let's run away to Atlantic City, no one will find us there
Bought an El Dorado and drove to Tennessee
I like to be in America, OK by me in America
Capped teeth and ceasar salad, healthy Beverly Hills
I got to Kansas City on a Friday, by Saturday I'd learned a thing or two
He was one of Egypt's millionaires, having made his fortune buying pyramids
He died in a London slum, a slaver to martyrdom
I'm outta here, I'm off to the Bahamas
Call out my name, it's to America we aim
I emigrated from the single greatest place in the Caribbean
And if it should happen, his holiness flies in from Rome
The people of Paris sleep in their beds, you have no chance
Dreams come true, yes they do, in Santa Fe
When will we ride into Jerusalem? When will we ride into Jerusalem?
There's a boat that leaves from Napoli every Thursday
We'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe, sunny Santa Fe would be nice
Join the party on Old Compton Street, punks and rockers and the rich elite
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain
Bangkok, oriental setting but the city don't know what the city is getting
Coney Island, loud and lewd and lyrical, all agleam, like a dream
They were sleeping all the while I was busy at Carlisle
I'm so ashamed John of how I felt when you came home from France
For the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York
They say it's lovely when a young lady's in Vienna
And our love is much more than America
Franco's reign in Spain should see out the forties
For Ireland is mine and is so for all time
Why does Saigon never sleep at night?

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