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Can you name the musical from the songs about life and death?

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Elaborate Lives
Another Dead Cow
Life Support
It's A Fine Life
Judas' Death
This Is My Life
Life, Life
The Death Of Abel
Half As Big As Life
There Is Life Outside Your Appartment
Not The Life For Me
Dyin' Ain't So Bad
Waiting For Life
I'm Alive
Life Upon The Wicked Stage
Being Alive
The Night Was Alive
Javert's Suicide
All The Livelong Day
Life With Harold
The Death Of Alonso Quijana
To Life
No Life
The Lives Of Me
Story Of My Life
Cinderella At The Grave
Die Vampire, Die
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Live Before We Die
Real Life
Circle of Life
A New Life
The Last Man In My Life
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
If You Want To Die In Bed
Where Is The Life I Led?
The Life I Never Led
The Bitch Of Living
The Glamorous Life
Journey Of A Lifetime
Dancing Through Life
Oh, Better Far To Live And Die
The Man Is Dead
Dead Zone
Always Lool On The Bright Side Of Life
The Death Of St Jimmy
The Life I Lead
The Life Of The Party
Memphis Lives In Me
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
A Gift For Living Well
It's A Hard Knock Life
I Got Life
On The Street Where You Live

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