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Sukie sitting in the corner and well, you know...
Honey what you crying at? Your not losing him to that
His name was Coalhouse Walker, was a native of St Louis some years before
Oh what a night, late December back in '63
Tell me it's not true, say its just a story
But a deltoid and a bicep, a hot groin and a tricep
I pretend I'm at home getting ready for a date
The heat is on in Saigon, the girls are hotter than hell
I expect everyone of my crowd to make fun of my proud protestations of faith in romance
Excuse me my Lord may I request my Lord permission my Lord to speak
Love, I put my faith in love, I followed where it led
Green finch and linnet bird, nightingale, blackbird, how is it you sing
All alone, you think you're on your own, you think there's no one in the world who cares for you
See my people, well here's my theory of what this country is moving towards
Hey pretty yankee, GI Joe, hey Mr Roosevelt, he Mac
I never knew my father, he left so long ago
This was dawn, there were no rules, we were so young
You okay honey? I'm afraid so. They get any money?
I'm not one for fortune, wishing on a star
The sun on the meadow is summery warm
In a place that won't let us feel, in a life where nothing seems real
I first new loves delight when presto, out of the blue a dream appeared one night
Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start
I don't wanna talk about the things we've gone through
I'm on my way, look Momma, on my own
The more you ruv someone, the more you want to kill them
There was a time when men were kind, when their words were soft
I've a man in mind who thinks I'm as special as he is
Where I go the rest better follow, look out everybody move aside
Girl meets boy, that's a safe beginning
We wish, no must, make our disgust at this abuse perfectly clear
The average unmarried female, basically insecure, due to long frustration, may react with psychosomatic symptoms
I'm watching sis go pitter-pat, said I can do that
Heaven help me could it be? No it couldn't possibly. Sorry do I? Yes I think you do
Why does Saigon never sleep at night? Why does this girl smell of orange trees?
Isn't it rich, are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, you in midair
This is time for a shake-up, look at me wake up, taking control
Now once I was a young man, looked over vales and hills
Here right now, this is what we're living for
You were once my friend and father, you were all that mattered
Whenever I see your face the world disappears all in a single glance so revealing
The actress hasn't learned the lines you'd like to hear
Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
There's a cool wind ablowing, I feel it on my skin
I don't know how to love him, what to do, how to move him
Kiss me too fiercely, hold me too tight
The politics of politics, behold the people's choice
There once was a man who loved a woman
Nothing like you've ever know, that's the life I thought that I was gonna show you
Guess what's on the page again? Taking centre stage again

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