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Can you name the Supernatual Trivia Seasons 1-7?

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Forced Order
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Let's start easy: Older Brother
Younger Brother
Color, Year, Make and Model of Dean's Baby
Sam's College
Why does Dean get Sam at college? Quote please.
Who kills Mary and Jessica?
What does he want Sam to do?
How does Dean save Sam at the end of Season 2?
For how long?
In 'Mystery Spot' what happens to dean over and over?
Why does Sam work with Ruby?
What does Dean remember from Hell?
How long before he broke?
What is Ruby's ultimate plan?
Who found Lucifer and put the whole plan into action?
Who is Lucifer's first?
Sam is supposed to be a vessel for who?
Dean is supposed to be a vessel for who?
Castiel's vessel's name is...
Does the colt work on Lucifer?
Who actually becomes Michael's vessel?
What year does Zachariah send Dean to?
Which of the Horseman is almost able to kill Sam and Dean?
The names of the other three Horsemen are? (in order of appearance)
Where is the 'green room' actually located?
What is the song Dean blasts before he interrupts Michael and Lucifer?
What does Sam come back from hell without?
What episode does he get it back?
Thanks to who?
In which episode to the boys 'talk to each other'
Who narrates 'The Man Who Would be King?'
What does Sam have to do in 'The Man Who Knew too Much?'
What mother like figure comes back for an episode in season 6?
What form does Eve take when talking to Sam and Dean?
What hand keeps Sam grounded in reality?
What spirits are present in 'The Mentalists'
Who helps Bobby in 'Death's Door?'
The second mysterious death in 'Plucky Pennywhistle...'
What precious object do they have to ditch for most of the season?
What is Cas' new name?
What did Hermione do when Voldemort attacked Hogwarts?
Who crashes the car through the glass sign?
Who gives the boys the blood they need? (in order)
Where do Dean and Cas end up after they kill Dick?

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