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How well do you Know About MusicClues and Ethan N From the Go Gamers?

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What's MusicClues' Least Favorite Sonic Game?
What is MusicClues' Favorite Zone from Sonic?
Who's MC's Best YouTube Buddy?
What's MC's Favorite Shooter on Switch?
What Show Insprises MC's Logo?
What's Ethan N's least favorite SSB4 trailer?
Who's Ethan N's faovrite voice actor on video games?
What it aspired Ethan N to look into Fire Emblem series?
What's Ethan N's favorite drink?
Which game that got Ethan N into getting PS4?
What's MC's First Video Game?
What Systems Do MC and Ethan BOTH Own?
What Game Got MC into Sonic?
What's MC's Intro Catchphase?
What Company Do MC and Ethan N Hate?
What's Ethan N's Intro Catchphase?
Who's Ethan N's one of his favorite Youtubers?
Which game that really made Ethan N quit Call of Duty in general?
Did Ethan N grew up as Sony fan?
What's Ethan N's favorite Fire Emblem game the whole time?
What Games Does MC MOSTLY Play?
What Sonic Game Does Like in Terms of Modern Sonic for Switch?
Does MC Like Call of Duty?
Why Does MC Hate Super Mario 64?
What's MC's Favorite Singers?
Why does Ethan N hate Sims?
What's Ethan N's first game he ever played?
What consoles Ethan N plays primary now to date?
What's Ethan N's least favorite Nintendo console the whole time?
Which games Ethan N got MC into?

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