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Song and Album TitlesBand
My Curse - The End of Heartache
Floods - Grand Unification
Ignorance - Riot
Judith - Thirteenth Step
Drinking For 11 - Duck and Cover
Artist in the Ambulance - Vheissu
Pull Me Under - Octavarium
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X - Phantom on the Horizon
For Whom the Bell Tolls - ...And Justice For All
Once - Backspacer
Blood and Thunder - Blood Mountain
Siberian Kiss - Worship and Tribute
Dosed - By the Way
You Won't Know - Deja Entendu
Our Truth - Comalies
March of the Pigs - Year Zero
Firecracker - Half Gentlemen Not Beasts
Trains - Deadwing
Burn Baby Burn - 1977
Rope - One by One
Crisis - Watch Out!
Davidian - The Blackening
Say it Aint So - Pinkerton
Micro Cuts - Absolution
Nymphetamine Fix - Thornography
Time Bomb - Let's Go
100% - Daydream Nation
Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants - Ire Works
Into Oblivion (Reunion) - Hours
Aerials - Toxicity
Rather Be Dead - The Shape of Punk to Come
Death To All But Metal - Feel The Steel
Jesus Christ Pose - Superunknown
Song and Album TitlesBand
The Science of Selling Yourself Short - Anthem
Harvest - My Arms, Your Hearse
Hangar 18 - Endgame
Sell Out - Everything Sucks
Where Is My Mind - Doolittle
Miss Murder - Sing the Sorrow
Stupid Kid - Good Mourning
With Legs Like That - Phoenix
Themata - Sound Awake
My Generation - Significant Other
Drunken Lullabies - Within a Mile of Home
Day In Day Out - Hollow Crown
Brazen (Weep) - Paranoid and Sunburnt
Return to Energiser - Common Dreads
Laid to Rest - Wrath
Feiticeira - Around the Fur
57 - Puzzle
Jihad - Reign in Blood
Knowledge - Seedy
Give it All - Appeal to Reason
Man in the Box - Dirt
Million Miles Away - Americana
Know Your Enemy - Evil Empire
Doin' Time - 40 oz to Freedom
Seeing Red - Complete Discography
Scream Aim and Fire - The Poison
Prophetic - ...And the Battle Begun
Pussy - Mutter
Before I Forget - Iowa
Aneurysm - In Utero
Roots Bloody Roots - Schizophrenia
Turncoat - The Bright Lights of America
Green Machine - Welcome to Sky Valley
Song and Album TitlesBand
Fury of the Storm - Inhuman Rampage
Famous Last Words - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Zero - Siamese Dream
ShutTheF*ckUppercut - We Are the Dynamite
Dear God - Nightmare
Papercut - Meteora
Astro Zombies - Static Age
A Favour House Atlantic - No World For Tomorrow
Man Overboard - Enema of the State
Stricken - The Sickness
Take This Life - A Sense of Purpose
My War - Damaged
In the Belly of a Shark - Grey Britain
Dying in Your Arms - Ascendancy
The Dope Show - Antichrist Superstar
Work - Bleed American
American Jesus - Suffer
New Millenium Cyanide Christ - obZen
The State of Massachusetts - Blackout
Dinosaurs Will Die - Punk in Drublic
They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy) - Self Titled
Feel the Pain - Bug
Part Cardiac - Everyone Into Position
Sober - 10,000 Days
It's a M.A.N.S World! - Scum
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) - Start Something
The Bitter End - Battle for the Sun
Mountain Song - Ritual de lo Habitual
Red Flag - III
Be Agressive - We Care a Lot
Just a Day - Renegades
Drunkship of Lanterns - Frances the Mute
Little Sister - Songs for the Deaf

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