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Can you name the 30 parts of Captain Olimar's spaceship, the S.S. Dolphin from Pikmin?

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The Impact Site
Past the box 
Inside a Pearly Clamclamp 
The Forest of Hope
Near the landing site 
On a high ledge 
Past a reinforced wall 
Near a can of bomb rocks 
Near a Red Bulborb 
Near an Armored Cannon Beetle 
Inside a Burrowing Snagret 
On an island 
The Forest Navel
In a pool of water 
On a ledge near the lake 
On a high ledge near the landing site 
Inside a Breadbug 
In the lake 
Past the chasm 
In the northernmost pool of water 
Inside a Puffstool 
Inside a Beady Long Legs 
The Distant Spring
On a ledge near the lake 
On a sandy island 
Inside a Puffy Blowhog 
Near the two western bridges 
On a ledge near the maze 
Past a reinforced wall 
On a northwestern stump 
Inside an Armored Cannon Beetle 
Past the Candypop Buds 
On the northern stone platform 
The Final Trial
Inside the Emporer Bulblax 

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