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Can you name the last 98 treasures in the treasure hoard of Pikmin 2?

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Husband's Tears
Heart-shaped ruby 
Gold brooch w/ emerald 
Tear-shaped sapphire 
Clover-shaped brooch w/ emeralds 
Space Love
Princess Peach's crown 
Ruby mounted on silver circle 
Emerald mounted on silver circle 
Sapphire mounted on gold square 
Amethyst mounted on gold square 
Pink heart mounted on gold ring 
Green heart mounted on silver ring 
Blue square mounted on gold ring 
Pink star mounted on silver ring 
Green star mounted on gold ring 
Blue square mounted on silver ring 
Crystallized Emotion
Small orange marble 
Large red marble 
Small yellow marble 
Large yellow marble 
Small blue marble 
Large blue marble 
Baby bottle nipple 
Wobbling doll 
Rubber duck 
Rubber duck head 
Baby doll head 
Cat bobblehead 
Rusty spring 
Firework cone 
1kg training weight 
Fishing bobber 
Hand lens 
Badminton shuttlecock 
White king chess piece 
Black queen chess piece 
Shogi king tile 
Ace of spades 
Hanafuda playing cards 
Mahjong tile 
Six-sided die 
Blast from the Past
Game & Watch - Ball 
NES d-pad 
GameCube control stick 
Famicom disk 
R.O.B. head 
Red gyro block 
Yellow gyro block 
Green gyro block 
Blue gyro block 
White gyro block 
Mystical Energy
AA Duracell battery 
C Duracell battery 
D Duracell battery 
9-volt Duracell battery 
Massive Receptacle
Underwood deviled ham spread 
Sun Luck water chestnuts 
Beach Cliff sardines 
Tree Top apple juice 
Skippy peanut butter 
Clabber Girl baking powder 
Carmex jar 
Ancient Ad
Snapple juice lid 
Ragu pasta sauce lid 
Tree Top apple juice/sauce lid 
French's mustard lid 
Dannon yogurt cap 
Vlasic pickle jar lid 
Kiwi shoe polish lid 
Wilson tennis balls lid 
Odd Logo
A&W bottle cap 
Yoo-hoo cola bottle cap 
Yoo-hoo chocolate milk bottle cap 
Squirt bottle cap 
7-Up bottle cap 
Dr. Pepper bottle cap 
Royal Crown cola bottle cap 
Explorer's Friend
Top half of globe 
Bottom half of globe 
Love Tester 
Toy punching glove 
Pink shoe 
Red toy robot 
Big eraser 
Blue-and-silver toy robot 
Stereo speaker 
Megaphone head 
Gold key 
Titan Dweevil
Crookes Tube 
Small camping stove 
Poison gas generator 
Water tap w/ pressure gage 

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