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Can you name the top 100 countries on The World's Biggest Companies' Global 2000 list?

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Oil & Gas OperationsUnited States
Major BanksUnited States
ConglomeratesUnited States
Oil & Gas OperationsNetherlands
Major BanksChina
Major BanksUnited Kingdom
Oil & Gas OperationsChina
Investment ServicesUnited States
Major BanksUnited States
Oil & Gas OperationsBrazil
Oil & Gas OperationsUnited Kingdom
Oil & Gas OperationsUnited States
Regional BanksChina
Major BanksUnited States
Oil & Gas OperationsRussia
Discount StoresUnited States
Auto & Truck ManufacturersGermany
Oil & Gas OperationsFrance
Regional BanksChina
Major BanksFrance
Major BanksChina
Computer HardwareUnited States
Major BanksSpain
Oil & Gas OperationsChina
Auto & Truck ManufacturersJapan
SemiconductorsSouth Korea
Oil & Gas OperationsUnited States
Telecommunications ServicesUnited Kingdom
Oil & Gas OperationsItaly
Major BanksBrazil
Telecommunications ServicesHong Kong-China
Computer ServicesUnited States
Telecommunications ServicesUnited States
PharmaceuticalsUnited States
Household/Personal CareUnited States
Major BanksJapan
Auto & Truck ManufacturersGermany
Diversified InsuranceUnited States
Life & Health InsuranceNetherlands
Food ProcessingSwitzerland
Oil & Gas OperationsNorway
Software & ProgrammingUnited States
Regional BanksBrazil
Auto & Truck ManufacturersUnited States
Diversified InsuranceFrance
Telecommunications ServicesJapan
Major BanksAustralia
Electric UtilitiesFrance
Diversified Metals & MiningAustralia
Diversified InsuranceGermany

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