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Can you name the titles released since the Marvel NOW! relaunch?

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Release Date & VolumeTitleCreative Team
October 2012, Vol. 1Various
November 2012, Vol. 1Brian Michael Bendis (W), Stuart Immonen (A)
December 2012, Vol. 5Jonathan Hickman (W), Jerome Opena (A)
December 2012, Vol. 1Dennis Hopeless (W), Kev Walker (A)
December 2012, Vol. 1Dennis Hopeless (W), Salvador Larroca (A)
November 2012, Vol. 7Rick Remender (W), John Romita Jr. (A)
November 2012, Vol. 3Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan (W), Tony Moore (A)
November 2012, Vol. 2Matt Fraction (W), Mike Allred (A)
November 2012, Vol. 4Matt Fraction (W), Mark Bagley (A)
February 2013, Vol. 1Cullen Bunn (W), Will Sliney (A)
February 2013, Vol. 3Brian Michael Bendis (W), Steve McNiven (A)
November 2012, Vol. 1Mark Waid (W), Leinil Yu (A)
November 2012, Vol. 5Kieron Gillen (W), Greg Land (A)
January 2013, Vol. 2Joe Keatinge (W), Richard Elson (A)
Release Date & VolumeTitleCreative Team
January 2013, Vol. 3Jonathan Hickman (W), Steve Epting (A)
February 2013, Vol. 5Jeph Loeb (W), Ed McGuinness (A)
January 2013, Vol. 1Frank Cho (W&A)
February 2013, Vol. 2Nick Spencer (W), Luke Ross (A)
January 2013, Vol. 1Dan Slott (W), Ryan Stegman (A)
November 2012, Vol. 1Jason Aaron (W), Esad Ribic (A)
December 2012, Vol. 2Daniel Way (W), Steve Dillon (A)
October 2012, Vol. 1Rick Remender (W), John Cassaday (A)
January 2013, Vol. 2Sam Humphries (W), Ron Garney (A)
February 2013, Vol. 3Brian Michael Bendis (W), Chris Bachalo (A)
March 2013, Vol 5Paul Cornell (W), Alan Davis (A)
April 2013, Vol. 4Brian Wood (W), Olivier Coipel (A)
November 2012, Vol. 2Si Spurrier (W), Tan Eng Huat (A)
January 2013, Vol. 2Kieron Gillen (W), Jamie McKelvie (A)

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