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'I know for sure there ain't no cure, so feel it, don't fight it, go with the flow, gimme gimme GIMME'
'GIMME one more platinum plaque, and f*** rap you can have it BACK'
'I 'm glad to be BACK, yes i'm, let LOOSE'
'Cut LOOSE, footloose, put on YOUR'
'YOUR hand, I WANNA'
'I WANNA rock and roll all NIGHT'
'NIGHT, he said 'man, are you CRAZY?'
'CRAZY, we've got no fear, no doubt, all in balls OUT'
LyricSong TitleArtist
'When I hear that trumpet sound, I'm going to rise right OUT of the GROUND'
'Gotta shake you to the GROUND, just give me what I know is mine, people do you hear me just give me the sign, it ain't much I'm asking if you want the TRUTH'
''To keep the TRUTH confined, they will not force us, they will STOP'
'You painted a smile and you dress all the while to excite me, but don't you know you're turning me on? I know that it's wrong, but I can't STOP the pain inside ME'
'From the pain you drive into the heart of ME, the love we share, seems TO go nowhere'
'Takin' your circus TO the sky, you couldn't take it on the tight rope, no you had to take it on the side, you always like it undercover, tucked in between your dirty sheets, but n
'You're riding high IN April, shot down in May'

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