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Clue4-Letter Word
A thin metal strip put between two surfaces to adjust for fit
Lard or grease
To travel on a sea vessel
A round, open-topped container
A machine part that permits movement in only one direction
Early Christian apostle
A heavy hammer used for driving wedges
A limestone with a high amount of silicate material
A place where things are bought and sold
A hunting call for when a deer is killed
Imperfectly crystalized diamond
Knight of the Round Table; Lancelot's nephew
A cylindrical projection on a casting or forge
A small, wooded area
To relax in pleasant warmth
To provide support to a specific position
A toothed bar for a gear to roll on
To be of account or interest
To cut a groove around a shaft
To fit an arrow against the bowstring
The adult male of the domestic chicken
A stopper for a bottle or jug
Clue4-Letter Word
To form the hollow part of a casting
To show concern
To drive a puck into a goal
Used for determining accuracy of specified manufactured parts
The rate at which a worker is paid
Track left by a ship moving in the water
To have aroused someone from slumber
A clamp or vise that holds a machine in place
To give a falsely impressive quality
A large, Atlantic fish
A fast animal that resembles a rabbit
To tiresomely dwell on a subject
A type of metal fastener secured with a pin, bolt, or padlock
Archaic present singular of 'have'
To deprive oneself of food
A true piece of information
Shape a surface perpendicular to the axis of rotation of a piece
The cost of using public transportation
Middle English for spouse
A plant with large, delicate leaves
Medieval Irish or Scottish foot soldier
A channel or groove cut by a saw or a similar tool

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